Seneca’s Ten Mile Creek Threatened

Ten Mile Creek, in the Clarksburg Master Plan Stage IV (Upper Little Seneca), is a high-quality, drinking water and trout stream in a beautiful rural watershed — but will it remain this way in the face of massive development projects that are on the drawing boards?

Ten Mile Creek is a Special Protection Area, and has been shown by ANS and DEP monitoring over many years to be among the County’s most healthy and biodiverse streams.  Recognizing the importance of protecting this creek, the Council set much of its watershed aside in the Clarksburg Master Plan in 1994 as “Stage IV” and highlighted a set of option including land use planning protections.  These options are supposed to be triggered by the build-out of the other Clarksburg stages, which has now occurred.

To be used effectively in protecting Ten Mile Creek, part of our backup drinking water supply (Little Seneca Reservoir, which the Creek feeds into), all of this data-gathering and the prior protection commitments must be reflected by the Council and County Executive in key decisions this summer:   the proposed 22-impervious-acre bus depot must be moved out of this watershed and to a truly Smart Growth greyfield site, and the proposed 1600 housing units in 3 subdivisions must be scaled down.

Please plan to attend the Planning Board hearing on the Clarksburg Master Plan, Stage IV set for Thursday, July 9.  for more information:  Diane Cameron: or Dolores Milmoe:

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