Montgomery County Installs Anacostia Sign

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, in partnership with the Department of Transportation, has recently installed a new sign on Dennis Avenue, just east of Georgia Avenue, indicating the approximate boundary of the Anacostia watershed.  This is the first public sign relating to the Anacostia that I’m aware of anywhere in the County, with the exception of some brief mentions on park trail signs.  DEP staff report that it is a test sign intended to be placed along with the Adopt a Road signs to better make the connection between watershed awareness and littering.  Currently this is the only one installed.  DEP intends to propose more signs in the 2012 budget request but it will be dependent on final approval.  Montgomery County is to be commended for taking this step to increase public awareness of Anacostia watershed issues.

County staff also report that it is likely possible to include a simple logo on signs like this.  The Anacostia Watershed Citizens Advisory Committee, of which I’m the current chair, has consistently recommended to the Anacostia Watershed Restoration Partnership (the inter-agency effort to restore the Anacostia River) that it develop a suitable standard logo for use on road signs for both County and State roads, as well as public documents.  The Partnership had commissioned a logo for the release of the Anacostia Restoration Plan, but Partnership members acknowledge that the “Turn It Around” logo (shown below) that it selected is not well suited for road signs.  The Citizens Advisory Committee will continue to ask for the Partnership to create a logo that can be used on road signs and elsewhere.

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